What do we do?



Who are we?

What do we do?

Train for collective & creative action

Want to join or organise collective, creative actions for social and environmental justice? We are offering free of charge participatory and adaptable training for collectives, groups or individuals.

Let’s learn, share experiences and organise ourselves, as people determined to change the system, not the climate.

Training content

The list topics close to our hearts that we offer through different modules include:

  • Why, and how to build a group and a campaign?
  • How to free your imagination, and invent creative actions?
  • How to organise and conduct an action?
  • How to act without danger (take care of each other, understand the legal issues, secure our data, etc.)?
  • How to reach decisions by consensus effectively, in a horizontal manner? including in urgent situation?
  • How to create a caring environment in which everyone can express themselves?

During the workshops, we create a space of dialogue and experiment where we move to action. Our training include a number of exercises and scenarios. Our courses are organised either at our initiative or at the request of individuals and/or collectives. We can tailor the training to your desires and needs, to the specifics of your group and to your objectives (content and duration — 2h, 4h, one days, two days —). The number of attendees may vary depending on the training, from a few people to dozens.

Do not hesitate to contact us.